"The TIP CLUB is the best networking model I've experienced...The 'Lightning Round' is very powerful ! I love this strategy. I like the thing that sets you apart and that is the B 2 B component.... And Lissa does a GREAT job moving things along in a fun and professional way"

Donna Lang, Smart Tools Coaching.

"I liked how the leader tried to make it understood that we were here to help one another as opposed to selling to one another"

Tim Bataska, Insperity

"Hugely valuable to have a captive audience to speak to....Loved being able to go back around after introductions and call out the people we wanted to connect with...."

Doug Hartjes, BBBS

"It was the best format for a networking event I have seen. It was more than a mixer, it helped you to know what every person in the room did. Great format."

Scott McKeon, CKS Advisors

"Keep it coming. I got a lead towards my first contract with my new company at my first meeting! Great Networking ... Great Interaction... This is a fantastic vehicle for procuring business..."

Virgil Roberts, Accenda LLC

"Hi Jim, They are excellent relationship building sessions and have made a number of them as a result. In fact this Client commitment is the result of September’s event.Thanks"

Jim Weiland, Principal, J. Weiland, Slice & Co., LLC

"I find this is an atmosphere to showcase professional people. Most networking groups turn into socializing with drinks or morning meetings with breakfast. I prefer to get down to business and this is why I like Tipclub."

Katie M. Ireland, Express Employment Professionals

"I find great value in the organization and look forward to helping others... I like the format here at Tip Club. Quick and to the point. It allows you time at the end to network individually."

KatieDennie Jones, Keller Williams Realty Atlanta Partners

"I was a substitute for a member. I had a great experience, will be attending a complimentary clinic, given a contact and met some great people. The admin staff were great."

James G. Moriarty

"I enjoy the opportunity to get to know the core group pretty well, and have the chance to meet a number of new business owners each month."

Kevin Taylor, Beyond Imagination Business Coaching

"I attended tip club as a guest a year ago, but my profession was locked out. When that seat was vacated and was asked if I wanted to fill it. I didn't hesitate to sign up for membership because I saw the value in it as a guest. The group was welcoming, professional and diverse."

Janiene Palmeri, MJ Peterson Real Estate

"I find great value in the organization and look forward to helping others... I like the format here at Tip Club. Quick and to the point. It allows you time at the end to network individually."

Dennie Jones Keller Williams Realty Atlanta Partners

"This was very productive ... I'd never seen that at other networking events, and I liked it! Keep doing those introductions and lightning rounds!"

Sam Sherrill, Digitel Corp

"Tip club is more efficient than other closed networking events... it's not like the others meeting weekly with time wasters."

Roger Stix Atlanta Business Video

"The Tipclub meeting was great... everyone was very nice and welcoming -- I think we made some more good contacts"

Aerotek, David Smith

"First impression was that Tip Club is well organized. The meeting process was interesting and informative."

Dave Jakubowski, Blackstone & Cullen

"Brilliant 5 minute presentation. The best quick presentation by the best speaker I have ever heard."

Bob Levine MADCO Printing and Advertising

"Just joined a few weeks ago! Have a had a great experience so far, look forward to more ....!"

Mikelle Belfore, Widely Interactive

"The Group is really a great way to network and glad to hear and see such groups"

Stuart Jensen, Moorim USA, Inc.

"I enjoyed the format of the meeting and found great value in the introductions."

Jay Johnson, MentorMate

"So far, this is the most efficient method of networking that I have seen."

Terri Davis, Psychological Associates

"Being able to see this event in full swing made up my mind to join.."

Adrian Hartman, Love Funding Corp.

"I loved the meeting! I became a member the very next day!"

Tiffany Brace, nParallel

"That was fun and informative!!!! I loved it! I signed up!"

Vanessa Navarro, Zip Realty, Inc.

"This was excellent. Very efficient. All participated."

Janet Wasserman, Management Science Associates

"That 'lightning round' was pretty exceptional!"

Vayle Hope Benedict, Benedict Enterprises, LLC

"Best format I have seen in a networking event"

Jeff McCartney, Data Specialties Inc.

"The Jimmy Fox video! Outstanding !!"

Randy, Vink OrCon Industries

"It was awesome!"

Sabina Miller, Sensational Global Marketing Services

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